2019LorenzoUSAJournal of the American Osteopathic AssociationAssessment of Pulmonary Function After
Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment vs Standard
Pulmonary Rehabilitation in a Healthy Population
Essai clinique randomiséOMT vs SPR52n = 52 ; pas de calcul de puissanceSaline significantly reduced lung function and had low subjective posttreatment
ratings in young healthy adults. Additionally, OMT and combination OMT and SPR
significantly improved subjective breathing more than SPR alone
2019ManciniItalieJournal of Manipulative and Physiological TherapeuticsUltrasound Evaluation of DiaphragmaticMobility and Contractility AfterOsteopathic Manipulative Techniques inHealthy Volunteers: A Prospective,Randomized, Double-Blinded Clinical TrialEssai clinique randomiséOMT VS placebo VS controlMoyen, 22 par groupe, pas de calcul de puissanceAugmentation de la mobilité diaphragmatique
2019SimonelliItaliePulmonologyEffectiveness of manual therapy in COPD: A systematic review of randomised controlled trialsRevue systématiquemanual therapy, manipulation, joint mobilisation, osteopathic manipulation6 étudesPas de conclusion, plus d’études nécessaires et de meilleur qualité
2019PagéCanadaBMC musculoskeletal disordersEffects of spinal manipulative therapy biomechanical parameters on clinical and biomechanical outcomes of participants with chronic thoracic pain: a randomized controlled experimental trialEssai clinique randomisé3 groupes de SMT à différentes doses VS controln = 74 ; P = 80 %the delivery of a SMT does not lead to significantly different outcomes in
participants with CTP than a control condition (spinal stiffness assessment)
2019CathcartUKJournal of Bodywork and Movement Therapy (0.86)Immediate biomechanical, systemic, and interoceptive effects of myofascial release on the thoracic spine: A randomised controlled trial.Essai pilote cross-overMFR vs placebo vs controln = 12There were significant increases in ROM and PPT (both local and distal) post MFR intervention. There was also a positive correlation between baseline interoceptive sensitivity and post-MFR ROM and a negative correlation for baseline interoceptive sensitivity and post-MRF PPT
2018Leones-MaciasEspagneInternational Journal of Osteopathic MedicineEffects of manual therapy on the diaphragm in asthmatic patients: A randomized pilot studyEssai clinique randomisé  piloteTechnique d’étirement du diaphragme VS placebon = 32 piloteThe results may show that a diaphragm stretching technique in asthmatic patients leads to an
improvement in the following parameters: maximum inspiratory pressures 5 min after the technique; and flexibility and mobility of the rib cage at 5 min, which remains at 20 min
2018JooCorée du SudJournal of Manipulative and Physiological TherapeuticsImmediate Effects of Thoracic Spinal Manipulation on Pulmonary Function in Stroke Patients: A Preliminary Study.Essai clinique randomisé  piloteSMT thoracique vs Placebon = 36The pulmonary function values for patients in the TSM group were significantly enhanced with no significant improvement in maximum voluntary ventilation and residual volume
2018GallettiAustralieJournal of Alternative and Complementary MedicineThe Clinical Effects of Manipulative Therapy in People with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary DiseaseRevue systématiqueFaible, 4 études (total de n=68)Mieux pour capacité d’exercice, Pas d’effet sur les mesures spirométriques (fonctions pulmonaires) ni sur la qualité de vie en cas de BCPO
2017FryerUSAJournal of Bodywork and Movement TherapyAcute electromyographic responses of deep thoracic paraspinal muscles to spinal manual therapy interventions. An experimental, randomized cross-over study.Essai randomisé en cross overHVT rachis, MFG et placebo (à 1 semaine d’intervalle à chaque fois)n=22 (rachialgiques)pas de différence (léger avec MFG mais  » La pertinence clinique des résultats n’est pas claire »)
2017JacqFranceBMC Complementary and Alternative MedicineUpper airway stabilization by osteopathic manipulation of the sphenopalatine ganglion versus sham manipulation in OSAS patients: a proof-of-concept, randomized, crossover, double-blind, controlled study.Essai clinique randomisé cross over double aveugleOMT du ganglion shéno-palatin vs placebon=9Amélioration de la stabilité du pharynx par l’OMT à visée ganglion shenopalatin chz les patients SAOS
2016EngelAustralieThe Journal of Manual and Manipulative TherapyMedium term effects of including manual therapy in a pulmonary rehabilitation program for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD): a randomized controlled pilot trial.Essai clinique randomisé pilote Kiné respi vs kiné + soft tissue vs kiné + ST + SMTn=33Amélioration de la capacité vitale forcée
2016CrothersAustralieChiropratic and manual therapiesSpinal manipulative therapy, Graston technique® and placebo for non-specific thoracic spine pain: a randomised controlled trial.Essai clinique randomisé SMT vs Graston technique vs placeboPas de différence entre les groupes concernant la diminution de la douleur, à 1 semaine 1 mois, 3, 6, 12 mois.
2016PaanalahtiSuèdeBMC musculoskeletal disordersThree combinations of manual therapy techniques within naprapathy in the treatment of neck and/or back pain: a randomized controlled trial.Essai clinique randomisé MT rachis vs MT sans HVT vs MT sans étirements Amélioration des douleurs similaire quel que soit le groupe
2015Gonzalez-AlvarezEspagneInternational Journal of Osteopathic MedicineEffects of a diaphragm stretching
technique on pulmonary function
in healthy participants:
A randomized-controlled trial
Essai clinique randomisé Technique d’étirement du diaphragme VS placebolégèrement inf à 80%Amélioration des variables respiratoires mesurées directement après la technique.
2014HubertFrancePLoS ONEImpact of Osteopathic Treatment on Pain in Adult Patients with Cystic Fibrosis – A Pilot Randomized Controlled StudyEssai clinique randomisé  piloteOMT VS placebo VS controlpilote, 32 patientspas d’amélioration des douleurs significative dans le groupe traité, mais faible effectif
2014SwenderUSAJournal of the American Osteopathic AssociationOsteopathic manipulative treatment for inpatients with pulmonary exacerbations of cystic fibrosis: effects on spirometry findings and patient assessments of breathing, anxiety, and pain.Essai clinique randomisé  piloteOMT VS placebo30 patientsPas de différence entre les groupes sur les variables spirométriques