MS Appendiculaire – MI

AnnéeAuteurNationalitéJournalTitreType d’étudeType d’interventionEffectifRésultat
2019AlbinUSAThe Journal of orthopaedic and sports physical therapyShort-Term Effects of Manual Therapy in Patients After Surgical Fixation of Ankle and/or Hindfoot Fracture: A Randomized Clinical Trial.Essai clinique randomisé  MT vs placebon = 72 ; P = 80 %A brief course of manual therapy consisting of 3 treatment sessions over 7 to 10 days did not lead to better short term improvement than the application of sham manual therapy for most clinical outcomes in patients after ankle and/or hindfoot fracture who were already being treated with exercise and gait training. Our results, however, suggest that manual therapy might decrease aberrant resting muscle stiffness after ankle and/or hindfoot surgical fixation
2019AlbinUSAThe FootThe effect of manual therapy on gastrocnemius muscle stiffness in healthy individualsEssai clinique randomisé  MT vs Controln = 84 ; P = 80 %The change in muscle stiffness of the gastrocnemius in a relaxed state depended upon whether individuals received MT.
2018HidalgoBelgiqueJournal of Back and Musculoskeletal RehabilitationThe immediate effects of two manual therapy techniques on ankle musculoarticular stiffness and dorsiflexion range of motion in people with chronic ankle rigidity: A randomized clinical trial.Essai clinique randomisé  Osteopathic mobilisation vs Mulligan mobilization with movment sur la talocruralen=40, 2 groupesPas d’amélioration de l’amplitude de mouvement ou de rigidité de la cheville chez les patients ac rigidité chronique de la dorsiflexion 
2017Duarte SilvaBrésilJournal of Manipulative and Physiological TherapeuticsEffects of Anteroposterior Talus Mobilization on Range of Motion, Pain, and Functional Capacity in Participants With Subacute and Chronic Ankle Injuries: A Controlled TrialEssai clinique randomisé  TOG talo-crural vs placebon = 38Amélioration de la flexion dorsale de cheville supérieure chez le groupe traité mais pas pour la douleur ou la fonction
2016Plaza-ManzanoEspagneManual TherapyManual therapy in joint and nerve structures combined with exercises in the treatment of recurrent ankle sprains: A randomized, controlled trialEssai clinique randomisé  proprio et renforcemenet vs même chose + MTn=56L’amélioration des symptômes est plus importante chez le groupe avec MT
2016TellesBrésilJournal of Bodywork and Movement TherapyThe effect of adding myofascial techniques to an exercise programme for patients with anterior knee pain.Essai clinique randomisé  Renforcement musc vs renforcement + tk myuofascialesn=18Amélioration de la douleur chez le groupe avec tk myofasciales
2016MoteallehIranManual TherapyThe immediate effect of lumbopelvic manipulation on EMG of vasti and gluteus medius in athletes with patellofemoral pain syndrome: A randomized controlled trial.Essai clinique randomisé  manipulation lombo-pelvienne vs placeboAmélioration des carctéristiques EMG du vaste médial et du moyen fessier
2015SandersUKJournal of Chiropractic medicineEffects of Lumbosacral Manipulation on Isokinetic Strength of the Knee Extensors and Flexors in Healthy Subjects: A Randomized, Controlled, Single-Blind Crossover Trial.Esai clinique en cross-overHVT lombaire et/ou bassin vs placeboLes résultats n’indiquent pas d’effet significatif des manips par rapport au placebo